Military life isn't forever.

When the journey is ending, will you be ready?
We can help.

Helping seasoned spouses thrive in their final season of military life.

Ways We Can Support You

Before, during, and after transition

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Transition & Strengths Coaching

Receive 1:1 support to uncover your talents, own their impact in your life, and leverage them to become the best version of yourself.


With Pride & Grit
Transition Podcast

Listen in as Jen interviews military spouses and transition experts who share their best advice and resources for your family's transition. 


Strengths & Identity

In a group setting, develop greater self-awareness and learn to identify, own, and leverage your unique talents.

Free Downloads

Curated just for you, grab our
12-Part Video Transition Series.
Transition Resource Guide, or Strengths Series.


Evolve - Seasoned Spouse Transition Forum

One of our original offerings, this unique event blends personal development with resource education in a setting that fosters community. 


Relevant Articles

Featuring stories from guest bloggers, our Pride & Grit blog provides perspective on life before, during, and after transition.

Your Stories. Our Stories

Check out the latest from Pride & Grit's Blog


From Our Community

Those who've used our programs & resources had this to say....​

I have seen myself in so many of the articles provided by Pride & Grit. Several thoughts and feelings were validated regarding the many different phases and seasons of being a military spouse. Words were given to isolating thoughts and feelings and support was found in knowing I was not alone on this journey. I love all the access to resources and hearing the spouse success stories that show passion, independence, and most of all true pride and grit.


Veteran Spouse

I love Pride and Grit! It is THE MilSpouse website to visit to find a like-minded community that desires to make the most of the opportunities the military lifestyle affords, to grow in the challenging seasons faced by all Military families, and to encourage and lift one another up along the way!

Sarah G

Active Army Spouse

In the military community you can either feel very isolated and alone or you can feel like you have found your tribe for the first time ever. Jen Pasquale brings military spouses together to share resources, life experience and solidarity. Her passion and easy going style provides a perfect place for military spouses to share their story.

Christy D

Veteran Spouse

I recently participated in Jen's Evolve Retreat for seasoned military spouses. The amount of information and resources I walked away with is incredible. I am so thrilled to have found Jen/Pride and Grit and wish I had found them sooner!

Erin L

Veteran Spouse

Pride & Grit is a great resource for the military community and those that support them. It addresses thea challenges and obstacles this lifestyle presents in a very clear and helpful way.

Meredith W

Veteran Spouse

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Our Partners, Collaborators, and Sponsors