Season 1, Episode 6

Focusing on Communication in a Transition
with Traci Conner
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Meet our Guest: 

Traci is an Army spouse of 21 years, a wellness coach, a certified occupational therapy assistant, mom to 2 teenage girls, and a crazy weim! She has battled PTSD, depression, and anxiety during her husband’s time in service. She strongly believes that families need to be more involved in the transition process and awareness needs to be made of the challenges facing our generation after 20 years of war.

Show Notes:
In this episode, Traci Conner joins Jen to delve into the crucial role communication plays in maintaining a successful marriage during times of transition. Traci graciously shares her own personal journey, highlighting how effective communication has been the cornerstone of her 21-year marriage, both during their military life and now as they navigate a transition from military life.
During their conversation, Traci also sheds light on the challenges their children faced when it came to their own identities amidst the changes their family was experiencing. By fostering an environment of open dialogue within their family, including their children, the Conner family was able to collaboratively develop a five-year plan and select a new home location that suited their needs. Traci offers insights into her exploration of resources available to military spouses and emphasizes the value of connecting with peers who have successfully navigated similar transitions as a source of guidance and support.

My message to a lot of people now is make sure you're really communicating. Not surface-level communicating, but make sure you're really having the conversations that maybe you've avoided for a long time. Because, it's gonna come's all gonna come up.

Traci’s Top Transition Tip:

“The biggest thing is just to communicate and keep communicating. Keep writing things out, putting it on paper. And writing it out so you both see it…Just where you have those conversations.”

Resources & Mentions from this Episode:

Service members aren't going to just stop serving and stop being who they are and I struggled with that...Being able to say "you've taken the uniform off"...Expecting him to totally change. He's not going to totally change. That's just part of who they are.

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Pride & Grit is a Trademark of Hinshaw Consulting Group, Inc 2018© and Pride & Grit Consulting, LLC. 2022© All rights reserved.