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Yay! So, you know you want to write but you aren't sure what to do next. You've come to the right place!

We LOVE adding voices to our mission of supporting and inspiring military spouses. We want our readers to feel like our site, and the stories within, are a source of encouragement, lessons learned, and problem-solving.

This should answer most of your questions. And if it doesn't, just email Jen.

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We love new topics.
We love a new twist on a common topic.
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Love to write but need a topic?
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In your email, include:
1. Full Name, as you want it to appear in the article. Pen name or anonymity requests will be honored.
2. Whether or not your article is an original piece.
3. Your own website and/or social media accounts you’d like referenced.
4. Include a one-two sentence bio. Have fun with it.
5. Include a photo if you'd like to be added to our "Storytellers" on our About page.


1. Pitch us a topic, before you write.
2. Keep our military spouse audience in mind.
3. Be authentic and tell your story as only you can.
4. In your article, acknowledge your hardships but also offer encouraging lessons from your experiences.
5. Preferred length is 700-1000 words. 
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