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April 17 & 18, 2021


4 Keynote Addresses


Life Coach-Led Discussions




Invest in You!

First-of-its-kind Two-day Virtual Event
Tailor-made for Seasoned Spouses

Join us for an interactive virtual event dedicated to the conversations and connections you need.

We did it!

The first-ever retreat focused on the needs seasoned military spouses is over. We look forward to what is next for this community. We're already gathering feedback to help inform planning for another retreat. So, stay tuned!

Live Keynote Addresses

Headlined by experts and thought leaders, we’re bringing the best of the best to talk about topics we know matter to you. Identity. Strengths. Marriage. Family. 

Roundtable Discussions

This is where the magic happens. This is no Zoom call!

Led by a Life Coach, we’re sitting around a virtual table, meeting other seasoned military spouses, and applying the keynote topics to our lives. Evolving together.

Learning from each other is our super power, and we’re taking it up a notch as each discussion is led by a life coach who knows what walking in your shoes is all about. 

Live Question & Answer Sessions with Event Speakers

This event is about connecting over conversation. All our keynote speakers will provide a live question and answer session. So, bring the hard questions. We’re ready for them. 

It's a retreat - a break.
A chance to tuck ourselves away, speak our truths, and gain the support we need to emerge focused and strong.
We will evolve together.

Retreat Pillars and Keynote Topics

Cultivate Your Personal Identity

Are you feeling stuck?

Are you worried about life after the military?

Are you unsure about what your path looks like, now or later? 

Are you about to be an empty nester?

Support Your Family

Are you worried about the cumulative impact of military life on your kids?

Do you wonder how to best support your kids through repeated transitions?

Though you may not have children, do you mentor and support other spouses who do?

Invest in Your Marriage

Are you looking for ways to connect with your spouse, in spite of demanding schedules? 

Are you wondering how your marriage will change when military life isn’t driving family decisions? 

Are you looking for ways to transition-proof your marriage? 

Identify & Own Your Strengths

Do you need help understanding and connecting to your strengths?

Do you struggle to see how your strengths can help you thrive in military life?

Have you taken personality assessments but still don’t know how to apply what you’ve learned?

Our Speakers

April 17th, 2021 11am - 5pm ET

April 18th 1-5 ET

Dr. Patrice

Certified Life Coach and
Military Spouse

Dr. Shauna Springer

Psychologist, Author, and expert in military transition and relationships

Dr. Ingrid

Clinical Psychologist, Mental Health Expert, and military spouse

April 18th 1-5 ET

Corie Weathers, LPC, NNC

Clinician, Advocate, CERTIFIED STRENGTHS Finder COACH and Military Spouse.

Is there ever a perfect time to prioritize YOU? Yep, now.
Now is the time to focus on you.

This retreat was tailor-made for you if:

This retreat isn't for you if:

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We believe it's possible to be honest about what makes military life hard AND support your service member,
at. the. same. time.

Why Me?

You’re a battle-tested seasoned military spouse, who often feels like the conversations and resources available don’t fit your season, your challenges, or your worries.

Often it feels assumed that you have it all figured out, but you definitely don’t feel that.

You’ve reinvented yourself so many times,  leaving a piece of yourself behind with each new home, new job, new community.

You know the power in learning from another’s story and success. 

Group of Women

Why This?

There’s no shortage of resources to support the military community. But, none of those speak to the seasoned spouse.

We know the conversations that need to happen are hard to have, but needed.

We believe that walking tall starts with speaking truth.

We’ve designed an event to be everything you didn’t know you needed.

Why Now?

You are a professional waiter. 

Waiting on the next duty station to invest in your career, possibly. 

Waiting on a better schedule so there’s time to invest in your marriage, perhaps. 

Waiting on investing in your own personal development, probably. 

You’re ready! Stop waiting. Your growth and goals matter. The conversations you wish you could have, matter. We’ve got you. 

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Have Questions?

Saturday April 17th schedule runs from 11am to 5 pm ET. 

Sunday April 18th schedule runs from 1-5pm ET

To gain the most from the event you’ll want grab the full event pass and block both days on your calendar. 

We’ll be using an interactive, virtual software that allows you to see and hear other attendees at your table and the life coach leading your table discussion. It’s almost like being together, almost. 

While you can attend the virtual retreat from a smart phone, we definitely recommend joining from a computer. Chrome is the preferred browser. During the small group portion of the retreat, you will have the opportunity to be in a mini-video conference with those at your “table.” To get the most out of this portion, having a web camera available is recommended but not required. If necessary, you can join the conversation on audio only, though we highly encourage you to attend with video. 

No. We know recorded sessions provide some flexibility that live sessions do not. But, we also know that getting the most out of the event and evolving together means attending live, connecting with others, and contributing to the conversations we know will be impactful. 

Tickets are not refundable but are transferable. We get it, life happens. So, feel free to gift your seat to a friend who might benefit if you are unable to attend. Please ensure we know of the change so we can invite them to the Facebook group.

Friend, that is up to you. What we can tell you is that Corie is AMAZING. And her ability to show you how your strengths either propel you forward or hold you back in military life is pure gold. 

We feel strongly that knowing your bottom 5 can have as significant an impact on your life as knowing the top 5, so we’d love you to join us and do the full 34 assessment, included with your ticket. That alone usually costs $49.99. Just sayin’

While we’d never prevent a new spouse from attending, the discussions and learnings will resonate most with those living in their final season of military life – whether that is 2 months or 5 years. It’s an event dedicated to seasoned military spouses. If you’re not at least a little weathered, this probably isn’t the event for you.

No. The private Facebook group will be available for a period beyond the event. At some point it may close, but our intent is to keep it open as long as it’s providing an opportunity for connection and support to members. 

Within the event, during the group coaching portions, you will be “seated” at a table with 6-8 other attendees and a life-coach. You will be able to see everyone at your table, similar to if you were all on a video conference together. The coach will be using the content from the presentation to guide the group through a conversation about how they can apply the content in their own lives.

We don’t know yet, but we’re definitely keeping that option open. We look forward to hearing your feedback to help us improve any future events.

No. While the software does provide the ability to change tables, it’s largely a random seating arrangement.

Great question. The value of your ticket isn’t just this first event, it’s also free access to 2-3 additional events we’ll host later this year. While we have a few topics in mind, we’re using the survey feedback from the event to drive what we prioritize. This is for you after all, so you get a vote. 

There's never been an event like this. Don't miss it!

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Pride & Grit is a Trademark of Hinshaw Consulting Group, Inc. 2020© All rights reserved.