GO Spouse Mentorship Program

April In Person or Virtual CliftonStrengths® Workshop

GO Spouse Mentorship Program

April In Person or Virtual CliftonStrengths® Workshop

What is CliftonStrengths?®

STRENGTH, noun: character traits or skills that are considered positive: 

For this masterclass, we’ll use Gallup’s CliftonStrengths Assessment as a foundation-building element for your journey. Different from a Myers Briggs or DISC assessment, CliftonStrengths provides very detailed and actionable insights into your innate tendencies for how you think, feel, and behave. 

Gallup offers two versions of the CliftonStrengths assessment: 

Top 5 – Provides your top 5 talents, detailed information about talent, along with insights on how each of your  top 5 talents interact. 

Full 34 – Provides your 34 talents, in ranked order along with detailed information about each of your top 10 talents. The report provides insights on how to succeed and what to be on guard for with each talent. 

Together, in this workshop, we’ll build a new understanding of how your talents show up in the world and how you can call on them when facing challenges. 

While this workshop is offered free to you, to attend, you will need to purchase your own assessment. You may choose to purchase the Top 5 ($25) or the Full ($60) directly from Gallup. 

If you already have already taken the assessment, you do not need to take the it again. 

Here's what you need to do.

1. Sign up for the In-Person or Virtual Workshop (below).

2. Purchase your prefered assessment at Gallup.com

3. At least one week before your selected class, take your assessment. 

4. From your Gallup account > Community > Share With > hello@jenpasquale.com

GO Spouse Mentorship Program

Data Tells The Story

Measurable Impact

Curious about the impact of our similar strengths workshops? 

Our seasoned spouse audience reported these impacts in our before and after surveys for our 8-week strengths program. 


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More From Our Attendees

I think the biggest value in the [workshop] experience is taking the time to focus solely on yourself. We are so conditioned to identify and meet the needs of all we come into contact with - spouse, kids, community, peers - but we are rarely conditioned to focus on ourselves.
Veteran Army Spouse
[This] was a transformative experience, allowing me to connect with talents/abilities I didn't know I had and refine my understanding of the ones I was aware of...[it] really helped me to feel confident in my identity and understand specific ways to tune into my Strengths.
Active Duty Marine Spouse

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