Season 1, Episode 4

Making Hard Choices in a Transition Season.
with Leslie Coffey
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Meet our Guest: 
Meet Leslie Coffey and learn about making hard choices in a transition season.
Leslie Coffey is the Vice President – Military Engagement for American Corporate Partners and has been assisting transitioning service members and military spouses in developing post-military careers for over a decade.
As a military spouse of 26 years, Leslie understands the unique challenges of being a military spouse and is passionate about empowering others to find and grow great careers.
Leslie holds a Master’s in Business Administration from Texas A&M University-Commerce and has been awarded for her volunteerism with the Meritorious Public Service Medal, Commander’s Award for Public Service, The Trooper’s Lady, Yellow Rose of Texas, Order of St. Joan D’Arc, Artillery Order of Molly Pitcher, and Civilian Volunteer of the Year. Her husband has been serving for 29 years in the US Army. Together they have four highly active children from 13 to 25 years old and one granddaughter.
Show Notes:
In this episode of the With Pride and Grit podcast, guest Leslie Coffey joins host Jen Pasquale and shares her transition story as a military spouse. Leslie’s family is in the midst of this transition, and she discusses their real-time experiences, including the decision to be geographically separated and the struggles of finding a new home and navigating healthcare options.
The Coffey family had planned to retire to an RV and do road schooling with their children, but realized their 15-year-old son’s basketball career wouldn’t fit that lifestyle. This caused them to pivot their transition plans and select a permanent home, but the freedom to choose a location was overwhelming at first. Jen and Leslie discuss the challenges of setting up a home base and unexpected surprises during the transition, such as navigating healthcare outside of a military installation. Leslie shares the complexities of healthcare as a transitioning military family, from figuring out providers to understanding cost options.
This episode also touches on the impact of transition on military kids, who often struggle to adjust to stability. Leslie opens up about the impact on her children’s schooling and integrating her son into a non-military environment. The transition has provided a new perspective for Leslie’s son, exposing him to the struggles of families in his community, even in a safe community with a top-notch school district.

Leslie provides valuable advice which has impacted her transition experience. She emphasizes the need to learn new skills and build a professional network through platforms like LinkedIn. She also hones in on the importance of giving oneself grace, seeking support from others, and building a community to ease the journey. In her experience, transition is a challenging but hopeful experience. 

We work to make it better for those coming up behind us... We're always working to improve and so that others don't have to have it as hard as we did.

Leslie’s Top Transition Tip:

“I would say the best gift you can give yourself is time…To not be so overwhelmed with the medical part, start that early so that you can break it down into pieces.”

Resources & Mentions from this Episode:

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"Transition is not an event. It's not a one thing, in one moment in time. It is a process. It is a journey. So give yourself grace."

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