Season 1, Episode 14

Military Spouse Fellowships: Learning How Hiring Our Heroes Can Support and Accelerate Your Job Search
with Tracy Steele
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Meet our Guest: 

A military spouse of over 23 years, Tracy Steele capitalized on volunteer and professional development opportunities to make a career pivot from nursing to workforce development. Having a passion and expertise in helping military spouses realize their marketable skills from unconventional career paths, she helps spouses, new to seasoned, learn strategies for success to be competitive for employment as a Fellowship Program Manager with Hiring Our Heroes. Tracy also supports and elevates the voice of the military spouse and veteran communities through volunteer roles on nonprofit boards such as the Council for Military Spouse Clubs and the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce.


About Hiring Our Heroes (HOH): 

Hiring Our Heroes (HOH), a program of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, is a nationwide initiative to empower veterans, transitioning service members, and military spouses as they search for meaningful careers. With more than a decade of experience, we understand the complexities of finding the fight job at the right time. HOH’s dedicated team leverages its vast network of employers, resources and training tools to connect our nation’s heroes with employers committed to their success.
Show Notes:
In this episode of “Pride & Grit”, host Jen Pasquale is joined by guest Tracy Steele from Hiring Our Heroes to discuss their programs available to military spouses. Tracy shares insights into the fellowship programs designed to support military spouses in securing fulfilling employment opportunities. These fellowships are tailored to bridge the gap between the unique challenges faced by military spouses and the need for skilled professionals in the job market. Through the comprehensive offerings of Hiring Our Heroes, including programs like Learner to Earner and Salesforce fellowship, as well as workshops like Amplify and the support of organizations like the Military Spouse Professional Network and Hire Heroes USA, military spouses are equipped with the resources and guidance they need to navigate their career transitions successfully. Tracy and Jen emphasize the importance of finding a supportive community and urge listeners to explore the wealth of opportunities and resources available through Hiring Our Heroes.
This episode also covers the personal experiences of military spouse Tracy Steele and her transformative journey from a registered nurse to a role at Hiring Our Heroes. Tracy shares her observations about the challenges faced by military spouses in finding employment and the importance of a sense of belonging and community. With a focus on success stories, Tracy and Jen highlight the impact of Hiring Our Heroes in supporting military spouses through career transitions. 

I have a 9 year pay gap on my resume and I call it a pay gap though because I wasn't not working. I just wasn't getting paid.

Resources & Mentions from this Episode:

Active duty military spouses are eligible for the Department of Defense’s Military Spouse Career Accelerator Pilot in collaboration with Deloitte and facilitated by Hiring our Heroes. This is a 3 year pilot program which places career ready military spouses into fellowships with employers across the country. 

To apply:


Spouses of non-active duty service members are eligible for our Career Forward Fellowship Program. Career Forward is an innovative new learn-to-earner program free for the military community. Learners gain industry-recognized skills through a Google Career Certificate. Once the candidate completes the certificate, we connect them with ready-to-hire employers through the fellowships.

It is a transition for us and and Hiring Our Heroes is a resource that we should tap into. It is a safe space for our spouses.

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