Season 1, Episode 9

Asking for Help in a PCS
with Erin Lorenz, Military No Stress PCS
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Meet our Guest: 

Erin Lorenz is a Navy spouse of almost 20 years who is in mid-transition. Her husband is retiring in the summer of 2023. She is the program coordinator for Military No Stress PCS. Military No Stress PCS helps do the research for active-duty members and their families when they move- transition PCS included! 

Show Notes:
In this week’s podcast, Erin from Military No Stress PCS discusses the non-profit concierge service they provide to help military spouses with PCS moves. Founder Rob Shelley was inspired to create Military No Stress PCS after seeing the stress military families experience during a move. Military No Stress PCS aims to provide manageable and reliable answers and resources for military families on the move. Erin shares her personal journey as a military spouse and how she became associated with the non-profit.
She highlights the challenges of military spouses asking for help but emphasizes the importance of utilizing the resources and support available to them. Erin details how Military No Stress PCS provides research and answers to questions without charging fees. They research and provide information on schools, veterinarians, churches, doctors, dentists, and communities for families moving to a new duty station. They also have a network of real estate agents around the country who specialize in buying and selling for military communities and families. The service is primarily targeted at active duty families including those in transition or their final PCS however, they can also help veterans.

We need to change the narrative around military spouses...We can be strong and resilient and do all the things but recognize when you need assistance...and just reach out and ask for help.

Erin’s Top Transition Tip:

“Lean on those resources, because there’s so many organizations that help in a variety of ways. So that’s what they’re there for. You have to find them, but once you find them, use them, lean on them. Don’t feel like that isn’t something you should be doing because you’re brand new or because it’s your first time.”

We have a network of people that are intently looking to help military spouses and their families.

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