Season 1, Episode 1

From Certification to Policy - The Impact of the Military Spouse Chamber of Commerce
with Stephanie Brown, CEO and Co-Founder MSCC
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Meet our Guest: 

Stephanie Brown grew up in the military, married into the military and raised two boys in the military. She is CEO and Co-Founder of the Military Spouse Chamber of Commerce as well as the CEO and Founder of The Rosie Network. For more than a decade, her professional passion is helping veterans and military spouses realize the American Dream of small business ownership. 

Show Notes:
In this episode, Stephanie Brown from the Military Spouse Chamber of Commerce (MSCC) joins Jen to discuss the organization’s mission to support military spouses in entrepreneurship. Stephanie, a 30-year military spouse, shares her story of entrepreneurship. The Military Spouse Chamber of Commerce aims to support, promote, and advocate for military spouse entrepreneurs and small business owners while also working to remove the barriers that stand in the way of achieving success.
Stephanie highlights the importance of collaboration, support, and networking when it comes to military spouse entrepreneurship. Through the Chamber, Stephanie is working to create an environment where military spouse-owned businesses can thrive and where they can find the support and resources they need to achieve success.
This episode highlights the success of military spouse entrepreneurs and the importance of supporting and promoting their businesses. Stephanie shares valuable insights into building and growing a business, the challenges that are faced by military spouses in employment, and the importance of shifting towards self-employment. The Military Spouse Chamber of Commerce is working hard to create opportunities for military spouses and their businesses, and this episode provides valuable information on how to get involved with the Chamber and the resources that are available.

We need to support our military spouses if we really want to make an impact on the quality of life, retention, mission readiness, the financial stability of our families. Spouses play a major role in that and we need to expand the conversation beyond just traditional employment, just education.

Stephanie’s Top Transition Tip:

“Don’t wait till the end or six months before the end to do the transition. To do anything. To do anything. Don’t wait till the end. There’s never a perfect time to start a business. There’s never a perfect time to start preparing for transition. It’s going to come, right? There’s nobody that has served their entire life in the military or any transition is going to happen. Don’t wait until the end. And that message is true for the service member, too.

Tom worked until the very last day. He did not take any time off. And I wish I could go back and just shake him and go, what are you doing? Don’t wait. Don’t wait for the perfect time. Well, when the kids are off in school or don’t do it now. Just take that leap one step forward. Start planning that. Start planning your transition.”


Resources & Mentions from this Episode:

Don’t hide the fact that you’re a military spouse. We celebrate our Veteran’s. We celebrate Veteran-owned businesses...You as a spouse have served too so why not be...loud and proud of the fact that you're a military spouse.

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