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COMMIT Foundation: S1E13

S1, E13: Navigating Transition: The COMMIT Foundation’s Program for Military Spouses

Facebook-f Instagram Youtube Twitter Season 1, Episode #13 Navigating Transition: The COMMIT Foundation’s Program for Military Spouses with Amy Taft Join us your way!  You can tune in to the With Pride & Grit podcast on your preferred podcast platform or watch the videocast on Youtube. https://youtu.be/9WlNnfaX8W8 Meet our Guest:  Amy Taft is the Chief Strategy and Integration Officer for the COMMIT Foundation. The COMMIT Foundation provides transition support through virtual cohorts and coaching, allowing spouses

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5 Military Spouse Tips for a Better Military Retirement

Military transition or retirement can look different for everyone, we can all use some tips for what to look out for, right?   Five years ago, our family lived a “revolving door” life typical of those assigned to a training center. Our soldier was always coming or going, week after week, late night after late night. Family stability was measured in days rather than weeks. Friends warned me that these years might be more challenging than

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Leaving military life looks and feels different for every service member, spouse, and family. We're including key topics, learnings, and things to consider as you approach that important milestone alongside your service member.

Transition content is just for those in transition. Everyone transitions to civilian life, eventually. We can help you know what you can get a head start on and what to look out for.



In military life, solo-parenting is just a known reality. In these stories, we're offering tips and tricks for how to navigate military life as a rockstar mom or dad.



Finding the right kind of support is key to thriving in military life. In our community stories, we're tackling what's easy and what's hard about finding your tribe.



Deployments challenge every military family and no two deployments are the same. It's often easier to shoulder these seasons when reminded that our emotions & challenges, are normal and shared.


Identity & Self-Care

Giving a voice to the hardships of military life and all the ways it impacts us is an important part of redefining or reclaiming our identity.



Strong military marriages are inspiring. It isn't easy. But it is possible. In our marriage stories we tackle tough topics and offer perspectives on what matters.



Resume gaps. Abandoned careers. Degrees unfinished or unused. These are all norms we grapple with with often. In these employment stories, we're talking about the emotions behind employment as a mil spouse.