Season 1, Episode 10

Investing in Personal Growth for a Smooth Transition
with Erin Lorenz
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Meet our Guest: 
Meet Erin Lorenz and hear about her transition experience with having her forever family’s location locked in early.

Erin is a Navy spouse of almost 20 years who is in mid-transition. Her husband is retiring in the summer of 2023. She is the program coordinator for Military No Stress PCS.

Show Notes:
In this episode of the With Pride and Grit podcast Erin Lorenz shares her transition story. She focuses on how personal development can help navigate the uncertainty of job searches and transitions. She shares her experience of having to come up with a backup plan when their initial job search plan wasn’t successful. Erin and Jen discuss the importance of flexibility and adaptability when dealing with unexpected situations as well as a need for a plan B and C in case things don’t go as planned.
Erin provides helpful tips and resources which helped with her transition, including those her husband used in his transition. Erin also opens up about finding your retirement location and how knowing that early can aid with transition but also both a blessing and a curse. 

What some people need support and relaunch support, maybe even pivot support because now you can do anything. Theoretically, figuring out what that anything is can be a little daunting.

Erin’s Top Transition Tip:

I would just really just start planning. It’s not too early to start just thinking about these things…I just feel like that is key – planning.

Resources & Mentions from this Episode:

ACP – To hear more about ACP, tune into Episode 5 of the With Pride & Grit Podcast with ACP’s Vice-President of Military Engagement, Leslie Coffey


Military No Stress PCS

We've done the 20 years, my husband has put in and worked very hard and done all the deployments and done all the things, and we've got along with all of it. And the military has been really great to us in terms of just being able to see the world... but I just feel like we're ready to just be done and be back in one spot near family and in an area that's familiar to us as well.

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