Free Transition Resources

If you’ve been around the military block, you know there is no shortage of resources available.Whether moving, marrying, mothering, or making friends, there are websites, resources, and organizations dedicated to helping meet the needs of just about every military audience.

Without a doubt, Pride & Grit is in great company! So, knowing this, what made us decide to include Resources as a pillar of Pride & Grit’s mission? It’s simple really. We looked at our own lives and wondered if the sheer volume of options overwhelmed others as much as it overwhelmed us. What we heard from our peers was a resounding YES! Saying there is a lot out there isn’t a bad thing, but sometimes it just feels too hard to find the supportive needle in the haystack.

To help get you started, we’ve pulled together some of our favorite partners and resources in an easily downloadable guide.


Resource Guide Freebie

3-Part LIVE Summer Transition Series

Join fellow military spouses for an honest, interactive, and supportive discussion about key topics that show up during transition. 

3 sessions – 3 topics – Join one, or join them all. 

12-Part Transition
Video Learning Series

Are you approaching a transition and curious about what the next season of life will hold? You’re not alone. Many spouses, including myself, have been right where you are. Drawing from their stories, we’ve crafted this exclusive offering, tailored specifically for seasoned military spouses.

Delivered straight to your inbox, twice a week, this comprehensive 12-Part Transition Learning Series is packed with valuable insights. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about the unique challenges you may encounter during this phase of life.