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Pride & Grit is the only transition support organization created for and by seasoned military spouses

Pride & Grit is Dedicated To Helping Spouses Of Career Service Members Thrive In Their Final Season As A Service Family.

With the help of our sponsors, Pride & Grit is meeting spouses in their unique season of military life. Using our strengths-centric approach, we are tooling seasoned military spouses to ready themselves for personal and professional transformations as their family enters civilian life. 

Our uniquely crafted programming consists of personal development summits, identity development cohorts, and military transition resource education. Our sponsorship opportunities are designed to support programming efforts and connect your brand with a hyper-niched market.

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Military spouses are a unique demographic with distinct needs, values, and preferences. 
The majority of our audience is made up of 35+ female who lead the day-to-day spending decisions for their households. 



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Ways to Support Pride & Grit


Pride & Grit will help you diversify your impact with our shared audience, providing custom programming to meet your organizational objectives. Pride & Grit can design and deliver tailor-made workforce development programs that directly impact the confidence and personal clarity of those in a transition season.


Corporate Sponsorships are a cost effective way to put your business in front of our niche audience and gain brand awareness as a supporter of military families. We offer a variety of community sponsorship opportunities Our team is dedicated to helping you find the right fit for your sponsorship objectives and budget.


Pro-bono speaking is a great way to give back to our military community. It provides an opportunity for speakers to share their knowledge, experience and expertise with our audiences and keep our programming accessible to all. Speakers can create meaningful connections with those in the Pride & Grit community and our partners.

In Kind Sponsorship

Providing no cost event space, marketing, materials, and other donated products or services is a great way to partner with Pride & Grit. Donations not only help Pride & Grit's mission but also provides your business with an opportunity to showcase their commitment to giving back.

Connection is why we are here;
it is what gives purpose and meaning to our lives.

- Brené Brown

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