Spouse Spotlight

Entrepreneurs inspire us. Their stories. Their vision. Their creativity. Their grit.

Women and men with the ability to see a problem and grow a solution from nothing. And when those individuals are also military spouses, moving beyond all the challenges of growing a career or business while on the move, well, watching them succeed is so much fun! And helping elevate their story and even their brand is THE. MOST. FUN.

Whether you are looking for a military-spouse-owned business to support, are looking for inspiration, or are just curious about the talents of others, we've got you

Founder & CEO, Got Spot, Inc. 

Online Marketing Strategist
Founder, Empirenista Business Success Academy

Creator & Writer, Mrs. Navy Mama

Founder, The Waiting Warriors


Founder & Transitional Life Coach,
Honest Talk International

Owner, The Bautista Project, LLC
Founder, The Bautista Project, Inc.

Online Course Creator
and Business Coach

Co-Host, Advice Not Given Podcast
Co-Creator, Milspo Gurus


Creator, The Modern Quilters Circle
Host, Stop Scrolling, Start Sewing podcast

Founder, Discovering Your Spark
2017 AFI Military Spouse of the Year

MILLIE, Scout Program

Chief Operations Officer, MILLIE
Co-Founder Milspo Gurus

Legacy Magazine and Legacy Kids Magazine

Founder and Director, Tiny Troops Soccer

Author, Daddy Left with Mr. Army: A Child’s View of Military Deployment

2020 Fort Hood AFI Military Spouse of the Year

Director, Secure Families Initiative

Creator, Stressless PCS Kit

Founder, Military Quality of Life Consulting, LLC

Owner, Permanent Change of Storing

Owner, The Charcuterie Chic 

Director, Business Development and Sales at Nomadés

Author, Your Passport to Parenting

Founder, Empowered Energy. Reiki Master. Yoga Teacher. Mindfulness and Meditation Instructor

Artist and owner of Joyful Lily Studio

Creator of Spouse-ly.com

Pelvic Health Clinician and Researcher

Indy Author, Rambler Battalion Series

Owner, Wandering Ashram Yoga and Meditation School 

Owner, Meg Flanagan Education Solutions 

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