Alicia Henderson

Business & Online Marketing Strategist
Founder, Empirenista Business Success Academy

Meet Alicia. Business Strategist. Podcast Host. Mom. (Retired) Military Spouse.

For military families nearing career or medical retirement, having a plan is critical. Where to live? Where to work? Who will work? If the Service Member’s spouse is already rooted in a career or has footing as a business owner, many of those decisions can be a bit easier, providing time and space for the Service Member to adjust to life outside the uniform.

In this spotlight, Alicia shares her perspective on military life, retirement, and knowing when to pivot toward your passion. Sometimes, we find our passions by walking an unrelated path. It might take us by surprise or come from an unexpected place. For Alicia, realizing her talent for helping other women grow their own business meant it was time to shift her focus away from her successful medical billing company to her work as a business strategist. Listen in to learn more about Alicia’s path as a military spouse and business owner – and how she’s helping women entrepreneurs design the growth of their own businesses.

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