Meet Amy.
She’s employed nearly 100 military spouses. She’s provided a community for military children. In short, she’s the kind of powerhouse you want at your installation. Or at least one of her coaches. She’s the founder and director of Tiny Troops Soccer, but this conversation moved way beyond soccer. 

Tune in to hear Amy’s advice on what to do with a “No” when starting a business. And stick around for some honest conversation about what she’s wished she’s known before beginning this 10-year military spouse journey. 

We often talk at Pride & Grit about what it looks like to marry your passion with your perseverance, particularly as an entrepreneur. Tiny Troops Soccer was Amy’s passion, and in this spotlight, she tells us how she’s been able to create a business and a community from that passion. 

Tiny Troops is creating a connection for our military kids while also providing community-based opportunities. To find out more reach Amy at Tiny Troops Soccer ( Or on Facebook @tinytroopssoccer and Instagram @tiny_troops_soccer

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