Claire Wood

co-founder, Milspo gurus

Meet Claire Wood! 

In this spotlight, Claire talks about being pulled from her established and extensive community roots to support her husband’s calling from community pastor to Army Chaplain. Claire shares her wisdom about joining military life later in life – what makes that challenging and what makes it an unexpected blessing. 

And of course, we’re talking all things MilSpo Gurus – like how the Enneagram could provide a window into identifying and changing negative patterns for your own life. Claire and co-creator Kellie Artis designed MilSpo Gurus as a passion project from which to educate others and support self-discovery. Military life has its challenges, to be sure. What better way to navigate it than to know more about your motives for behavior? 

And when you want to laugh, nod, and relax, their Advice Not Given podcast is a great conversation, among two friends, about the easy and hard moments in this mil life, or any life. 

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