Gailo Bodenhamer

Director, MILLIE Scout Program

Join us for Part II of our MILLIE series, this one focused on Gailo. She’s the Director of MILLIE’s Scout program. And a 20-year military spouse.

Taking a leap in life isn’t often easy. Join Gailo and me as we talk about taking leaps in military life, whether personal or professional. Stick around to hear the advice Gailo would have given her younger self. Yes, please! After 20 years, she’s offering great advice. 

We’re also talking about the MILLIE Scout program – how she found it, how she got involved, and how she now directs its efforts. 

MILLIE Scouts are a stress-saving resource if:

– you’re facing a sight-unseen rental or purchase

– you need landlord services like photos or inspections


Find MILLIE and access their treasure trove of resources here  

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