Gems Collins

Business Coach, author, Entrepreneur

Business Coach. Military Spouse. Believer in “Going For It.” Meet Gemma (Gems) Collins!

Gem’s ocean-sized leap to follow her Service Member meant she’d also leave behind her professional identity. Walking away from a professional identity is a story we know well, one told by many military spouses. Remaining open to opportunity, pivoting your interests, trusting that pull to follow a new path, and even weathering loneliness – those are struggles also well known to this community and we’re talking about each of them. For Gems, “if you aren’t making mistakes, you aren’t trying hard enough.”

In this spotlight, we’re talking about Gem’s military spouse path as we learn about her efforts to support other entrepreneurs – particularly other military spouses. From her “Done With You” to her “Done For You” course creation and business coaching, Gems is showing that pivoting is something this former military-kid does well!

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And don’t forget to check out her NEW book: To Thrive, Not Just Survive: How to Build a Successful Business as a Military Spouse Entrepreneur

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