kathy Glaser

Owner, Wandering ashram yoga & Meditation School

On the heels of PCS season, we could all use a little time for self-care, right? What does your self-care look like right now? A quiet cup of coffee. A long chat with a friend. A yoga class in your new town. 

For many, yoga and meditation are critical strategies for thriving in military life. But, how many of us who enjoy a Tuesday morning yoga class would ever commit to investing thousands of hours (and dollars) into our practice? How many would consider growing their passion into a yoga school, helping others become teachers themselves?

Kathy has done just that, and I think you’ll enjoy learning about her journey from student to teacher to business owner. Even if yoga is not your passion, Kathy offers great wisdom about coming into your own, trusting yourself, and living in the now.

Meet Kathy and then find her work at: wandersingashram.com

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