Kellie Artis

Chief Operations Officer, MILLIE

Meet Kellie! 

Leaving an established life or career to start a new one with your Service Member is a common thread in many of our stories. Sometimes, we start our military spouse path off on the “wrong” foot. An unexpected deployment, a negative unit interaction, self-imposed isolation. Sound familiar? 

Join Kellie and me as we talk about overcoming those challenges, leaving room to embrace military life, and find your own path forward.

AND if you’re heading into a PCS (ever), be sure to stick around to find out: 

  • Who is MILLIE? And can she alleviate some PCS stress? (yup!) 
  • What’s a MILLIE Scout? And can it lessen housing stress? (yup!) 
  • What’s an AgentHero? And can it help me buy a house? (yup!) 
  • What’s a Baseside Chat? And can it bring some calm to the chaos? (yup!) 


Find MILLIE and all their resources here.



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