Dr. Laurel Proulx

Pelvic health Therapist &
Founder, FEM.Unfoulding

I met Laurel while living in Hohenfels, Germany. Within an hour of talking with her, I’d learned a page worth of notes about my body. This lady knows her stuff! And loves educating others about their bodies and pelvic health.

She’s a clinician and a researcher, who somehow managed to complete a P.H.D program from across the pond. So, yep, pretty much a rock star. Oh, and a military spouse. Let’s not forget that part.

Laurel is an excellent example of what it looks like to pursue your dreams and find creative solutions to your business challenges, all while continuing to support her Service Member.

Sometimes it’s easy to feel like what you dream about is too hard. Hopefully, Laurel can show you it is possible. And maybe you’ll learn a few other things as well.

Meet Laurel and then find her work at: FEMunfoulding.com

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