Abi Ray

Founder & Editor-in-chief
Legacy Magazine & Legacy Kids Magazine


Daena Vandre


Meet Abi and Daena – A dynamic duo for military stories.

In this spotlight, Abi and Daena offer their perspective on the challenges and blessings of military life. Stick around to hear their great advice for stepping out and starting something new.

And we can’t talk about their paths as military spouses without also talking about their success with Legacy Magazine. It’s a familiar story. Leverage your passion and breathe life into a business. 

As a military spouse, research is a crucial skill set. But, sometimes, it’s hard to research personal topics. The “how did you handle” advice. The “what does it look like to thrive in military life” questions. Enter Legacy magazine. 

Legacy Magazine is telling stories of thriving in military life. But not just any stories, they’re focusing on stories that inspire us and help us feel connected. 

And now, that same gift of connectedness will extend to our smallest (in stature) community – our kiddos. Legacy Kids Magazine, launching this summer, will provide a voice to the stories of our military children. And they’re taking submissions! 

Find Legacy Magazine and details about Legacy Kids magazine at legacymagazine.org.

Also, don’t miss details about their Kids Writing Workshop – an excellent activity for the young writer in your house. Find details here

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