Marla Bautista

Owner, The Bautista Project, LLC
Founder, The Bautista Project, INC.

Business Owner. Social Impact Advocate. Military Spouse.

In military life, constant moves are just accepted. Often, connecting with the surrounding non-military community isn’t always commonplace. But, sometimes, a powerhouse military spouse comes along and creates a powerful impact on her community. Meet Marla Bautista.

From abuse and homelessness to achievement and advocacy, this is Marla’s story. We’re talking about her personal story as well as her life as a military spouse. What role did the military “village” have on her ability to thrive? Stick around to hear the conversations Marla believes we need to have as a military community.

Professionally, through The Bautista Project, Marla is using a portion of the proceeds from her custom decor and apparel business to support the homeless population, wherever military life may take them. If you’re looking to be inspired, stick around. Marla’s story and the impact she’s having on her community – with her family in tow – is a beautiful one.

Learn more about Marla’s business at The Bautista Project, LLC.
Support Marla’s social impact efforts at The Bautista Project, Inc.


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