Meg Flanagan

Education advocate and Owner
Meg Flanagan Education Solutions

We all know relocating can be exciting. It can also be complicated. And stressful, especially with kids, schools, neighborhoods, and jobs. With so many moving parts, I often find myself wishing someone could swoop in and lift just one of those stresses off my shoulders.

Enter, Meg Flanagan!

Military spouse, mom, educator, advocate, and running enthusiast, Meg Flanagan is the founder of Meg Flanagan Education Solutions. While Meg can definitely support military families (and non-military families) with relocation research, her real passion is making educational success easier through stronger, more productive relationships between parents and their children’s schools. She’s both a coach and a child advocate. And I learn something new every time I talk to her.

Meg offers a unique set of services to support families and the needs of their children. Tune in to learn more!

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