Michaela Rosales

Founder & Transitional Life Coach Honest Talk International

Meet Michaela! Doula & Childbirth Educator. Military Spouse & Mom. Life Coach.

In military life, we transition often, and at times can find ourselves a bit stuck as we navigate a new season. Getting unstuck and refocused can be easier with a transitional life coach.
Enter Michaela. 

Rooted in a belief that at our best, “we can use military service to grow us,” Michaela is sharing her perspective on military life and transitions. We’re talking about how her many transitions, over 19 years, shaped the spouse, mother, advocate, and friend she’d become. 

Listen in to hear Michaela’s story about the early moment that shaped how she viewed her military spouse experience. She’s sharing what it means to take a complete leap, headfirst, into a new community. 

Find Michaela and her efforts at Honest Talk International



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