Michelle Bowler

Founder & Host,
The Waiting Warriors podcast

Meet Michelle. Podcast Host. Mom of Four. Military Spouse. 

“I want to be able to do it.” Have you ever said that before? I know I have. I’m strong. I’m independent. I feel like I “should” be able to handle this curveball that was thrown at me. And yet, here I am wondering, “why can’t I handle THIS.” 

In this spotlight, Michelle is sharing how that exact sentiment led her to create The Waiting Warriors podcast. We’re talking about how, through her guests, she’s learned the tools to help her process life’s hardships, foster growth in her marriage, and experience strength and empathy in this military life. 

Stick around to hear Michelle’s tips for thriving and for staving off the resentments that can creep in during those hardest moments of military life. 

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