Noralee jones

Creator & Writer
Mrs. Navy Mama

Meet Noralee. Speech Therapist. Mom. Writer. Military Spouse and MilSO Supporter

Sometimes, it’s a soft nudge, and sometimes it’s a vibrant sign. But, no matter how you get there, starting something new and stepping outside your skillset is scary. Noralee knew that when she pressed “publish” on her now popular Mrs. Navy Mama blog just over 2 years ago.

Since then, she’s pulled back the curtain to help countless military spouses navigate the mundane and the challenging aspects of military life. And she’s helping us all remain positive while we gather up the tools she’s offering. After over a decade, hear what Noralee loves most and what challenges her most in military life.

Stick around to learn what role collaboration and competition had in her blog’s success. You might be surprised!

Learn more and find both of her recent books at Mrs. Navy Mama,

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