Reda hicks

Founder & CEO, GOt Spot, Inc.

Meet Reda. Attorney. (Retired) Military Spouse. Mom. Entrepreneur. Community Connector

The decision to become a “geo-bachelor” and live geographically separate from your family is a tough call for any Service Member. But, sending a Service Member on to their assignment, while the family hangs back, is absolutely the right call for some families, under the right circumstances.

In this spotlight, Reda is sharing her lessons from nearly a decade living apart from her Soldier – what it meant for her path, her family, her roots in the community, and her connection to other military spouses and veteran organizations. 

For Reda, the ability to pursue her career and deepen her Houston roots provided an opportunity to become a connector for small businesses and entrepreneurs through her company Got Spot, Inc. Think Airbnb for office space. Need a conference room for an hour? Got Spot. Need to set up an emergency response HQ? Got Spot. Need to conduct a photoshoot in a unique location? Got Spot. 

And if you love the idea, consider her Brand Ambassador program as she expands Got Spot, Inc. to select military locations around the country. 

Learn more at Got Spot, Inc. 

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