C.C. Gallagher

Founder, military quality of life consulting, LLC

Meet C.C.

Christine Carol “C.C.” Gallagher is the Founder of Military Quality of Life Consulting, LLC and the Stressless PCS Kit.

She is a highly accomplished leader and sought-after expert who is dedicated to improving the quality of life for military families across multiple industries. As the spouse of an active-duty Army soldier and a mother of two, C.C. has experienced six military moves, two deployments, and countless extended separations, all in a decade of marriage.

C.C. and I talk about the many “pivots” she’s done over her years as a military spouse and the importance of being open to opportunities. In addition to offering her advice for those wanting to start something of their own, C.C. also talks about the importance of redefining success with each transition – whether professional, family, or military. She even gave us demo of her Stressless PCS Kit!


Looking to connect with C.C.? Find her here:

Stressless PCS Kit www.stresslesspcskit.com
Instagram: @Stresslesspcskit

Military Quality of Life Consulting

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