It is easy to miss “the good stuff” on social media. Been there, often! I’ll see articles posted that are several years old (from sites I actually follow) and I’m thinking, this is great, how did I miss this? Happens all. the. time.

So, with that in mind, I wanted to start off 2020 by providing a bit of a look back. I’ve spent (probably too much) time evaluating what worked in 2019. What resonated with you? And what didn’t? I’ve set a plan for how to create more conversation around topics that help us feel strong, authentic, and prepared for the next military curveball. They come, we know that. But, building my endurance for them, in the calm moments, has always been my secret weapon.

So, check out a few of the best-loved articles from 2019 and see if they resonate with you.

Four Ways to Navigate Military Life as an Introverted Military Spouse 

There is no shortage of introverts in the military spouse pool. Many of us are used to being told we aren’t actually introverts. Oh, but we are. But, we’ve added a few tools to our toolbox that allows us to fully participate in military life and build the connections that provide the strength we draw from when we hit a valley. Lindsay’s article provided fabulous reminders that it’s doable, with a strategy.

My Fairy Tale Life

Few of my civilian friends would consider military life any kind of fairy tale. But, in My Fairy Tale Life, Tera walks us through her unique interpretation of military life, deployments, and sacrifice. In her words “I know if I work to cultivate friendships and actively search for small beautiful moments that I can survive the bumpy frustrating train ride, the challenges that come with this lifestyle”. Tera shows us that if we view our challenges through a filter of connectedness and opportunity we can all emerge stronger.

The Voice of the Military Spouse: It’s Never Been Louder

Two words described military spouses in 2019; Entrepreneur and Advocate. This article seemed to resonate with many who were ready to step into their own light. They were ready to give their concerns a voice, ready to advocate for their family and their dreams. While these efforts didn’t begin in 2019 they certainly seemed to take center stage as PCS challenges and housing safety became dominating topics at critical town hall meetings. Keep it up, friends. Carefully considered, constructive, solution-focused advocacy IS making a difference in our communities. 

An Interview Favorite

And while we’re talking favorites of 2019, I’d be remiss if I didn’t highlight my interview with Dr. Laurel Proulx. This was our most viewed video of 2019. Catch the replay here.

Laurel, also a milspo, is so incredibly knowledgeable about all things women’s health, but does so in this very unassuming, talking to your bestie kind of way. As a pelvic health specialist and physical therapist, she offered a mountain of tips to those at any stage of life. This wasn’t a chat just for the new mom or soon-to-be mom and certainly wasn’t a conversation on how kegels are the answer to everything pelvic. Instead, this was a holistic discussion about how we advocate for our own health, listen to our bodies, and follow our passions. 

And, that’s it! P&G 2019 favorites. 

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I’m so very grateful to all who shared their stories, experiences, and advice in 2019. If you’d like to submit an article, please do!

Here’s to a great year!



Pride & Grit is a Trademark of Hinshaw Consulting Group, Inc. 2021© All rights reserved.

Pride & Grit is a Trademark of Hinshaw Consulting Group, Inc. 2021© All rights reserved.