Transition & Strengths Coaching Services

Helping military spouses thrive in their final season as a service family. 

Transition & Strengths Coaching Services

Helping military spouses thrive in their final season as a service family. 

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1-On-1 Coaching


Strengths Awareness

Use CliftonStrengths® to create self-awareness for your unique collection of talents.


Strengths Coaching

Uncover how your unique talents can support your personal and professional development.


Transition Coaching

Explore the impact of military transition on your identity and define your next chapter with intention. 

Have you wondered whether coaching can really help you gain clarity in your life and military transition?

Are you a data person? As an #analytic, I definitely am!

Backed by the International Coach Federation (ICF), coaching services are proven to deliver remarkable results:

🌟 87% of clients report improved self-confidence.

🌟 90% experience enhanced work-life balance.

🌟 72% see increased productivity.

🌟 88% report better communication skills.


But, who are these people who participated in those surveys?

Well, these are metrics we collected from our military spouse clients about their strengths journey.

🌟 73% increase in language for my talents

🌟 166% increase in my ability to explain my value to others

🌟 133% increase in my ability to explain my talents on a resume

🌟 110% increase confidence in explaining my value to a team during an interview.

I'll show you how

In their own words...

After years of playing a support role, it is time for me to step forward and find my voice again. I feel like I better understand my own reactions to things and how I can better listen and become a more powerful version of myself.


Veteran Spouse

Jen has a true passion for encouraging and equipping others, this was 100% on display during our time together. Her enthusiasm for Strengths is clear, as is her joy at unraveling my personal Strengths profile and finding ways for me to better utilize my strengths. I left our session feeling like I just had the best pep talk ever


Military Spouse

As I explored my strengths, I gained valuable insights into some of my own mental blocks and verbiage to express feelings and behaviors that I couldn't express clearly before


Military Spouse4

The 1:1 engagement really built on the strengths survey and helped to make it more effective, applicable, and personalized. Appreciated the direct feedback and the comparisons between the old and new strenghts finder surveys, which were 10 years apart.




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We’ve compiled six short installments of strengths tips highlighting the ways self-awareness of strengths can impact you at work and in life.


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