Season 1, Episode 3

How Doing Your Own Work May Be the Best Gift to Your Marriage In Transition
with Dr. Lindsay Cavanagh
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Meet our Guest: 

Dr. Lindsay Cavanagh is a psychologist, Military Marriage Coach, and fellow military spouse. She has worked with military couples for over 15 years.


Show Notes:
In this episode, Dr. Lindsay Cavanagh, psychologist, and military marriage expert, joins Jen to discuss the challenges that military members and their spouses face during transition periods. Dr. Cavanagh reminds us that the unknown can be uncomfortable for some and also provides advice on how to make space for the emotions of transition while also focusing on necessary tasks like renegotiating roles.
Dr. Cavanagh believes that a marriage is like a circle, and each person brings their part, indicating that changes made by one partner can lead to changes in the other partner. While some couples may be on board with both partners seeking support, one-sided support can provide the desired benefits. Dr. Cavanagh provides guidance on how to improve communication while decreasing defensiveness between partners. Marriage can be challenging, and the speaker notes that the transition strain puts pressure on a marriage, making the transition even more challenging for both partners.

Your whole identity is going to change...What is that going to mean?... What is that going to feel like?... How weird is that going to be?

Dr. Cavanagh’s Top Transition Tip:

Start having conversations about the future now, as soon as you can…it doesn’t have to be the specifics like you’re going to be doing during actual transition …what do we want life to look like, where would we want to live, what choices do we want to make? 

Resources & Mentions from this Episode:

Any time of transition, even positive transition, can be challenging on a marriage. Dr. Lindsay Cavanagh offers a free Military Marriage Breakthrough Call to help military spouses identify the next steps to have the marriage they truly desire that can withstand all of life’s challenges.

Military Retirement – Selecting Your Tricare Plan

We are starting a brand new relationship situation, and we need to negotiate what that looks like. So what are your expectations for what you want this to look like? What are my expectations for what I want this to look like?

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